The Buckling Spring

100 Pages …

I started to work on the Technical Manual a few weeks back with the goal that I learn throughout the process. My brain has to put information into discrete “boxes” that can be named or categorized.

This is why I loved the old IBM Manuals from the 1980s so much. They had an inventory and an index. Best part was that they came in a binder and you could add additional documents to it. In case you bought a printer from IBM, you could put the delivered documentation into the end of the binder and had everything in one place (even floppy disks were stored there).

Very quickly I realized that I want to create on of those Technical References from the golden years of Personal Computing. It should have the same look and feel. The information in it, should be as valuable as the books IBM has given us.

How shall I get this done? Not alone obviously – only with the great community around keyboards out there I had a chance.

… so far, I am more than 100 pages in.

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