The Buckling Spring

Disassembly and Repairs

The next big topic in the manual is disassembly (and repairs). I have already taken photos of separating the Modern F62 and a IBM F122 keyboard. While checking for the best shots, I also found one I took last year of an original Apple 1 keyboard (yeah, no capacitive buckling spring).

Back to the disassembly; obviously there have to be a lot of pictures shown in the process and I try to get the lighting just right. Especially if you have to use two hands to separate the barrel plate, a third hand to activate the shutter release would be great.

The repairs will start quite simple with the replacement of the USB cable inside the case, but will talk about foam replacements and removal of plastic stabilizers, barrels, flippers, and so on. I hope to have a good variety of solutions in the manual for Model F owners. For me it was tough to find all the information in the beginning – especially the correct one (that is also, why I ask people to proof read it over and over again).

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