The Buckling Spring

Chronologic and Logical

In the last days, I couldn’t make a lot of progress, because I try to order the topics in a chronologic and logic way. This means, I have to re-arrange things, split them apart, combine them again, and this all by not confusing the reader and myself.

My original plans, when I wrote the first outline have greatly changed. While the text and layout already exists for parts with references to other ones, I have to spend more time in getting it right. Over the upcoming weekend I hope to find the time to get things moving again.

I still have a lot of joy in getting the information collected. I am aware that I have to get a first product out there to ask for comments, criticism, and requests to add additional sections. Once I am closing in to the “RTW” status I am blasting out requests to the community for help.

UPDATE: I spent some time on the logical order of the sections and re-arranged a lot. There is also a new section (6 TROUBLESHOOTING) and a couple of new sub-sections from the manual of Joe S. aka Ellipse. I took the text exactly as it was from the web page

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