The Buckling Spring

Things are moving…

Today I could get a lot more pages of the manual completed than expected. Due to a day off, I could spend many hours to fill the blank spots. There are still many items to be done, but the ones I wanted to finish for a while are now at least written up (not corrected and reviewed, but it least there). I haven’t counted the amount of times I separated the barrel plate sandwich of various Model F keyboards today, but it felt like 15. I could have narrowed the process down to much less, but each time I thought I took all the pictures I need, there was something missing.

I added a lot of content and added the following sections to the manual underneath the Hardware Guides and Reference:

  • Case Disassembly
  • USB cable replacement
  • Opening and Closing the Barrel Plate Sandwich
    • The Sandwich Dissection
    • Closing the Sandwich
    • All parts of the Barrel Plate Sandwich
  • Open Assembly Repairs
    • Remove Plastic Stabilizers
    • Testing Problematic Keys
    • Flipper Cleaning / Switching
    • Replacing the Foam
    • Creating a Foam Cutout from Scratch
  • Changing the Layout
    • Populating ever Key on a F62
    • Change from 2U key to 2 x 1U
    • ANSI Mod for Original IBM F107

Update: During the weekend I changed even more bits and pieces, including a changed numbering scheme for the subsections. Many references in the text are now much clearer and point into the correct portion of the manual. This being said, I have not yet uploaded the version as there are several changes still not transferred. Finally, I ordered items I wanted to describe here, like the through-hole controller, different PCB designs for the New Model Fs, etc. I am learning every day, which is the biggest fun of the project.

The second review reading is done on paper a day or two after I initially wrote things. I am pretty old school in this regard, because I want this manual to be a companion for the keyboard for the same time period as the product. If someone wants to change it in 10 years time, the document should still be as valid as it is today and be of help.

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