The Buckling Spring

Minor Frustrations?

Over the last days I was working on the sections around the Sensing PCB and Controller replacement. Not only do I need to test the aspects of the documentation multiple times, I also have to setup the lighting and camera. With four keyboards disassembled at the same time and everything running out of space, I made a mistake and ripped the cable off the controller while it was still plugged in.

Not the end of the world, but it is slowing down the process. The actual Technical Reference has now 184 unique pages; I decided not to give lectures on how to solder – others have done a way better job in describing it. While I wanted to give the manual out as a conglomeration of “All you need to know” I had to make compromises in the end. I checked the original IBM documentations and they also referenced other external or internal material.

What next? I have planned to finish the complete sections around Controller and Sensing PCB within October (a few days left). I am not sure, if I can keep my time line but I will have it in early November.

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