The Buckling Spring

Apart from the Manual …

Apart from the manual, I am working on multiple other projects around the Model F keyboards. Mostly small ones and potentially only interesting to myself. One item I just finished is a PCB that simplifies the usage of Solenoid and Lock Lights at the same time.

My primary goal was to activate LEDs depending on the Layer. In my case I have it working to show no light when on Base Layer, Layer 1 activates a white LED, and Layer 2 a red LED (momentary or layer switched) – also in combination. This will be shown on the hardware and firmware side in the manual in the end. Why this is helpful in my case is also described later, but I can also think about other options, like F77 num pad options.

I am also thinking about making information and downloads available around the Model F on this web page. As an example, I was thinking about the schematics and files for all versions of the xwhatsit controller, solenoid controller, and so on. Also the cutout files for foam. I also plan to have cookbook recipes for firmware adjustments… So many ideas I have in my notepad that want to be implemented.

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