The Buckling Spring

QMK Configurator

During the last week I was working on getting a working QMK Configurator online and it wasn’t as easy as initially thought. I only had an hour here and there to play with it, but it turned out that I had to pick Andrei Purdea’s brain every single day to get over the hurdles.

In the end, the container did what they supposed to do and I still can use the repository of Andrei’s Xwhatsit implementation (for the most part) for an easy update when needed. As this all was done in a virtual test environment, I need to translate it to a system that is internet facing.

A demonstration can be found at this link for now: while it is not in a working condition for now (removed it due to many issues). I have planned to change the Server completely for this method, as I have it working in other virtual environments.

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