The Buckling Spring

Via & QMK

During the last weeks I was trying to get to a point where QMK is user friendly and also accessible to everyone who has bought one of the Brand New Model F Keyboards recently. There are many users outside of the vintage keyboard community who just want to use the best keyboard ever built.

I stumbled upon a post from a forum member who was using Via with the QMK firmware. I read about Via some time ago, but thought it is a lot of effort to get it ported. This wasn’t the case – only a few lines of code needed to be adjusted on the QMK firmware. The creation of the physical layout and all its options was done in an afternoon. I had to test it against the plain PCB to get all possibilities in place (that made sense to me) and then build it into a json file. After some tests, I could get the F77 and F62 into a working condition.

The results can be downloaded from this web page including a pre-compiled firmware that needs to be flashed to the keyboard.

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