The Buckling Spring

The Buckling Spring

The Capacitive Buckling Spring Keyboard Repository

Model F Keyboards, arguably the best series of keyboards ever made. The Buckling Spring switches these sport are legendary.

2018, Thomas Ran @ Youtube

In 2020, during the Covid-19 crisis, I decided to write on a Technical Manual around Model F Keyboards for both, the original IBM keyboards and the reproduction from

2018, Thomas Ran

Vintage Manuals

Vintage Computer Manuals

When I was a kid, I was fascinated not only by computers, but also the manuals that where shipped with them. It was before the Internet and all information you could get was in those wonderful nostalgic binders.

Still Today, combining the essence of specific knowledge into one source elevates the product and makes it more valuable.

Model F Replica

Model F Replica – F62

When Joe Strandberg aka Ellipse first posted that he will reproduce the Model F Keyboards – specifically the rarest of them – I thought it is another one of those group buys that will fall in oblivion. I was proven wrong – and boy, I really was!

The best keyboards are back (better than ever and for a limited time) – they can be bought from:

“So many products that people purchase today, as Joe Strandberg said, develop issues within months or years – no surprise, since they were designed for disposal…”

The Model F keyboards have a spectacular amount of intrinsic features that make them a product of joy. The tactile feel with its well balanced keys, the audible feedback when the spring buckles and the flipper hits the pad followed by a vibrating soft ringing of the spring. The stunning build quality, which not surprisingly kept them working even after 40 years. The easy methods to self repair them. The beauty of its design, that still has some appeal after all those years. The unbelievable amount of variations it can be configured with.

Is this keyboard something everybody should buy? I don’t think it is for everybody; the noise it produces while typing can annoy people. For me it is a sound of pure joy and I love it, but not everybody will have the same pleasure.